Free Template Kits

Template Making Instructions

  • Tracing the pattern
  • Lay template material (Dura-Skrim, Tyvek, etc..) out on the floor of the boat
  • Make sure material is flat on the ground
  • Set in place with weights or tape, so that there is no movement while tracing
  • Using marker, trace around the area in which you want the mat to lay
  • Make sure all corners are rounded (cannot bind 90 degree angles)
  • Marking the Template
  • Each piece of the template should be marked with the word “Top” on the side facing up
  • Each piece should also have an arrow pointing towards the bow of the boat
  • Write your name and phone number, in case the order form somehow gets separated
  • Write how many separate pieces the template has
  • Cutting the Template
  • Using the lines traced, cut exactly how you want your mat to lay in the boat
  • Cut all hatches, table holes, and pedestal holes (do not cut out access slits. Just trace).
  • Test Fitting the Template
  • Lay the template flat, in the boat, and make sure that the fit is 100% correct
  • Make any last changes to the template that are necessary at this time
  • Fill Out an Order Form
  • Make sure that your name, phone number, and other information is filled out
  • Make a rough drawing of your template, to help better visualize the layout
  • Mail the Template to:

Premium Marine Flooring
13929 Fir St Suite C
Oregon City, OR 97045

We will call you as soon as the template comes in, with a price quote, and any questions that we might have at that time.

We will accept old carpet as a template, however, we cannot guarantee fit if used carpet is going to be used as a template. Old carpet stretches, and distorts, and just loses shape over time. We cannot guarantee our work using an old carpet.

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